Things which we should do every day to change our lives in a better way, that will further enable us to live to the fullest and have the best life, helps in taking control, feeling better and enjoying it.

Life can get a bit complicated at times for all of us. Everything around us starts to frustrate us, anger us and even make us really sad. It’s at these times in life that we should really be there for ourselves and work on avoiding such emotions.

For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson.

We all know it’s easier said than done. It’s very easy to ask someone to calm down when they get angry but when we are in the same situation, it isn’t that easy anymore. To be honest, once we look up close, most of our problems aren’t really serious or important. We make ourselves believe that every difficulty we face is the end of the world. In reality, it’s something we can actually solve if we just cool down and think straight.

I believe we, as humans, have the ability to choose what we want to feel. We can either choose to be happy and love the small things about life or we can be mellow and melancholic all throughout our lives. It’s our choice!

Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”  ~Abraham Lincoln

I totally second that statement. If we truly WANT to be happy, we will find a way, one way or another, to be so. Following are ten small things on how to improve your life. They may be small changes but can actually turn out to have a great impact on our lives. If you ensure to do these following things every single day, you will clearly notice a lifestyle improvement.

  1. Make your bed first thing in the morning.
    Making your bed? What difference would that make? I’m sure all of us get this thought but trust me it impacts your entire day! Something as simple as making your bed can really set the mood for the whole day. Being neat and organised from the get-go puts your mind in the right place. It can also keep your head clear and make you feel orderly and efficient. Neatly tucking your bed sheet, folding your blanket, putting the pillows in place, keeps your space well-ordered. As a result, after a tiring day at school or work, you can come back to a well kept and uncluttered space. A win-win situation after all!
  2. Be Grateful
    This is one of the most important things that people usually tend to forget. It may seem very stupid to ask someone to be grateful but it makes such a huge difference to be thankful for every small thing in our lives. For instance, every morning wake up by being thankful for the sunshine. Be thankful for the comfortable bed and blanket you get to have. For the quality clothes, you get to wear and for the clean drinking water facilities that are readily available to you. You get the education that so many people around the world are desperate to have. That is such a great benefit to have.
    Often, we forget how important such things are in our life. We tend to focus on the negative aspects and ignoring the beautiful things in our daily life. Being grateful makes us a lot more aware of our privileges and reminds us of how small our worries really are as compared to the majority of the world.
  3. Make sure to spend some time with yourself.
    We often don’t give importance to spending time with ourselves. We don’t consider alone time as important as spending time with our friends and family. This needs to change. Alone time is so vital to our mental well-being. You need to ensure to take out some time during the day just for yourself. You don’t need to do anything in particular. Just sitting and reflecting is all you need to do. Relax for 10-15 minutes by yourself. This way you get to learn so much more about yourself that you didn’t actually care to notice before. Alone time allows your mind to be calm and composed. It helps you clear your thoughts and keeps you at peace.
  4. Talk to your loved ones. Having said that alone time is very important, you need to also remember to spend quality time with your dear ones. It is an essential thing to socialise and be connected. Talking to the people you love can have such a great impact in your day. Just spending an hour with them can easily lift up your mood. It will make you extremely happy and will change the atmosphere around you. This, in turn, makes your day way better than it was before
  5. Meditate. By meditating, I don’t mean sitting under a tree and attaining enlightenment. Sure you could sit under a tree if you’d like but my point here is that meditation helps to put your body at ease. Just sparing 15-20 minutes every day to sit in an open space or even on your bed to just breathe and relax can have an exceptional influence on your day. Breathing in and out cleanses your respiratory system. Having a sense of focus will make you feel ready for the day in front of you.
  6. Exercise. Get outdoors. Another very common thing that people don’t take too seriously is exercising and going outdoors. In this era of social media and electronic gadgets, getting outdoors and letting the sun rays kiss your skin is so essential for our body. The exercise does not have to be a workout or a gym session. It can simply be a walk in your neighborhood or a session of Zumba. Find ways that suit your personality and make sure you follow them. A little bit of sunshine and fresh air takes you a long way.
  7. Be Kind
    The world is filled with so much hate and detestation, we need more kindness around us. Being kind to yourself as well as to other people is so important. In today’s day and age, we think it’s a cool thing to be rude to each other. Well, guess what? It’s not cool. Kindness can be shown in so many different ways. A simple smile or a compliment or even a hug can be considered as a kind gesture. These actions receive similar reactions and it becomes a full circle of kindness which is what we need more of. The famous TV show host Ellen Degeneres ends each of her episodes by saying “be kind to one another.” I believe that it’s such a simple yet important message to give thousands of people around the world.
  8. Be positive.
    Our blood group must be “B-positive” (pun intended). But in all seriousness, being positive and spreading positivity can influence the way we think by a great amount. If we give out negative vibes, we get back negative vibes. For instance, if you have a jam-packed schedule for the day, make sure you prepare yourself in advance. Don’t get flustered at trivial things. If anything, you should make sure to be focused and positive. Acting negative will not make things any better for you. Being positive will make everything go so much smoother and make your life a lot easier. The saying “positivity prevails” fits perfectly for this example. Positive vibes will keep you happy and cheerful and happy people are the most attractive ones!
  9. Drink water and eat well. These may seem like nothing but are very critical for our physical and mental well-being. Drinking water regularly helps to cleanse your system and also helps to maintain a regular cycle. Eating well basically means having the right amount of daily intake that your body requires. Having the right meals at the right time is very vital to the human body. Having proper meals gives you the right amount of energy to be efficient throughout the day and allows you to stay awake the entire day.
  10. Sleep well.
    Finally, the last thing you can do to make your life a little better is to sleep well. Sleeping is a necessity for the human body. After all the work you do throughout the day, your body needs to rest. It needs to come to a halt. Nowadays due to the excessive use of social media, we often tend to allow our sleep to go for a toss. Instagram over sleep. Our priorities are defined by social media. Getting a good night sleep makes a very big difference the next day. You feel much more refreshed and alive. Try it and see for yourself!
The above points are just ten tips out of the thousand things you can do to make life a bit better every single day. Even though there may be a lot of life hacks out there, these 10 tips have worked brilliantly for me.

Give them a try.