Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning is a tool or a threat? companies like Google are investing a lot of money in this field doing AI research, deep learning, Face recognition, robotics etc to gain enough skills in this domain.

Artificial Intelligence is getting into everything. The robots simulated through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are most awaited and at the same time, it makes us feel threatened, that it might take over the entire world, shown in films like I. Robot, Terminator and other such films. We have fantasized about it in a greater perspective.

It all started in 1955 when John Mccarthy proposed the idea of artificial intelligence in Dartmouth conference. He called a group of mathematicians and Computer Science professors, to see if the machine could learn like a child. They decided to design abstracts and develop them to solve the problems that we humans are facing now. But it was 60 years ago which they coined, talked in classrooms and secret labs and left the idea. But today, the developments on Artificial Intelligence is skyrocketing.

Everyone in the world is getting up, with a new found in Technology. But only a few understand it. Our past generations have greater fantasy on robots like how they would become superpowers and we all would become their slaves. Even today, many movies on such a genre would be a blockbuster. Artificial Intelligence is not just robots, chat-bots and assistants. It is making and will make revolutionary achievements in other fields encompassing biology, medicine, law and ethics, psychology and so on. It is more than just recreating your intelligence.

It is not what we fantasize. You are interacting with an Artificial Intelligence today to know about high rated movies or to order a pizza through Alexa. For the past two years, AI becomes the next “big” thing. Because data created every year is exponentially increasing. Many technology giants and venture capitalists, started investing in projects that would flow them cash. A.I. is a broad area of computer science that makes the machines seem like they have a human intelligence. So it is not only programming a computer to drive a car by obeying traffic signals, but it’s when that program also learns to exhibit signs of human-like road tantrums.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is the far end spectrum of Artificial Intelligence. Like humans, the machine takes some time to learn. They are not susceptible to things like us. We can easily find a difference between a cat and a dog. But the machine cannot actually find the difference. Surprising right? It is easy for humans to come to a conclusion. But the machines could not. They find both the animals to be of a similar kind because it would be difficult for someone to program it about the characteristics of a cat and dog, which have thousands of varieties across the globe. However, machines cannot get affected by memory loss, insomnia, and other distractions.

Technology titans on A.I.

Technology giants have both perspectives. Yes, it is scary to some people and it seems to be the best innovation for future generations for other people. Giants like Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates see Artificial Intelligence as a threat. Elon Musk has even donated 10 Million USD alone to ensure the safety of Artificial Intelligence. Because he knew that computers are dumb. It does operations, only by the way it is programmed. These super smart people are saying AI is going to kill us. It is not entirely true. They say that the benefits are big, but they fear that it might change the way we live. Stephen Hawking himself communicated to the world through this Artificial Intelligence system. Artificial Intelligence is not dangerous in itself unless we live in an arena of Hollywood movies. They could give greater solutions to problems, which we cannot solve and make the world a better place to live in.

People like Larry Page and Mark Zuckerberg are debating, that Artificial Intelligence is the future for many scientific advancements. Mark uses Artificial Intelligence to run his home already and Facebook is working to create A.I. assistants. Uber is also working on Artificial Intelligence department. The advancement in Artificial Intelligence is still at entry level as of today. They are working in fields like the Automobile industry, Language Processing, Logistics and face recognition.

Artificial intelligence would be the ideal version of Google. The ideal search engine that would understand everything on the internet. It would understand exactly what you wish, and it would give you the exact thing. We're nowhere near doing that today. However, we can get progressively closer to that, and that is fundamentally what we work on ~Larry page.


Driver-less cars or automatic cars are manufactured using this technology. They make use of sensors and GPS to sense and track the other GPS enabled cars. Under one AI system, they all will be connected and in this way, we can control 90% of the car crashes happening every day. This reduces the accidents caused by human error. There will be no problem if, under aged people, elderly people or even drunk people can ride the car without any danger. But still, the decision is made by a machine and not human. Think a minute, if it was programmed only to save the owner’s car and its passengers. What about the passengers in the opposite? What if the car somehow stops in a platform, but injuring a pedestrian. Hence there is a dilemma, that this car would be safe or dangerous. I think technology people would come up with an idea, to clear our doubts.

Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

Have you all experienced searching and ordering some product, say, a pair of shoes. You will keep noticing an advertisement, whatever websites you open thereafter, showing the same kind of shoes. These are recommendation engines used by Netflix and Amazon, which are basic Artificial Intelligence system. Imagine in future, a system would do all works what you are doing now. Today you are inquiring a friend who bought shoes for some brand and searching for all sites and buying that stuff. What AI does is, it gathers all you searched through your cookies and lists the items you wished. It would be creepy, right? It is said that Trump Campaign was made by such systems, that tracked over 100 databases, which collected much information. Giving control over such systems is not a good idea.


Today, many records in the field of medicine are done physically on papers. If Artificial Intelligence is introduced, then it would keep track of medical records, disease histories, family histories, and genetic information. What if your genetic information is known by a computer system. We if Artificial Intelligence diagnoses our diseases. Is it a healthy one? It would diagnose using the data available on its system. Even today, we lie to our doctors. If a doctor asks, ”Do you drink or smoke?” we reply a lie. If this happens the same with the machine, then how could it provide proper treatment.


Since the idea of Artificial Intelligence became popular, there is a parallel track going about job loss. It has already entered in moving goods in a cargo. Many people have shifted their jobs, those who worked on a ship. Similarly, if you think like fifty years ago, we would find small shops offering snacks in malls and theaters. Today, they are completely replaced by vending machines. Actually, these are computers and they are invented to solve calculations. So the employment of such machines in fields like banking, tax filing, retailing and others could make thousands of people jobless. If they replaced humans in all entry-level jobs, where would the human go to work and get paid? There is no real answer to such questions.

So, Tool or threat?

Should we fear that we would expect terminator-like robots flying over our streets? No. It is crazy to think a robot because it is just a technology that we use to power it. Robots are text-based. They may be powerful but they have limitations. When you ask him to tell the weather condition about Delhi, it may answer ‘Partly Cloudy’. But if you ask the same robot about the stock market, it gets confused. Because it was programmed only to give you information about weather conditions. What they are actually doing is listening to your voice, converting into binary text and loads into a search engine, retrieves data from them and replying to your query what is found on the web. Till now, the artificial intelligence is safe.

There are many questions arising about the technology. People are still in doubts, whether it would help our humanity or destroy. The possibility of destruction by Artificial Intelligence is very less. There is a scientific experiment going on with robots, that it could eliminate the errors and failures, by doing the task again and again. It was made to play Atari game. Funny right? But the thing is, it lost many games and is still learning. But we humans have completed almost all levels in Atari. So it would take many years for the robot to lose every game and learn from its mistakes. The artificial may become intelligent, but it takes time. There is a stronger belief that it could neither become a tool for destruction nor a threat to humanity.