There are various types of photography. Many techniques are used for photography styles such as Fashion photography, people photography (portraiture), etc. Apart from the professional camera you can use your smartphones too to click amazing shots.

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it”.

People don’t often realize that just like how people specialize in different areas in medicine or in the software industry, even photographers have various specific specializations. There are quite a lot of categories in the field of photography that not all of us are familiar with. Even though this article won’t discuss each and every type of photography available, it will help you familiarize yourselves with the basic types of photography and how you can leverage your photography skills to create a great Photography that people will really admire.

Before getting into that, I’m pretty sure many people don’t know what photography means. “It’s just taking pictures with a camera, right?” I mean, that is the basic process of it but there’s a lot more to it than we think. Photography is an art. It is a creative art form. It is the process of capturing light on a light-sensitive medium. Photography as an art form has become very popular in the recent days. Photoshop, graphic design and digital art have become increasingly popular in recent times. Various techniques and photography styles are being experimented with by every photographer in today’s day and age.

Following are the basic types of photography that I personally believe we should all be familiar with:

  1. Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography is literally everywhere! It is presently one of the booming categories in the Field of Photography. It is one of the most profitable areas for a photographer to explore. Even though it is an extremely fast-paced industry, it is very satisfying. When it comes to Fashion Photography, the lighting, hair/makeup and post-processing make the image. One of the most important things to remember in Fashion Photography is the element of light. You need an immense amount of practice and patience to excel at this.

2. Portrait Photography

“It’s one thing to make a picture of what a person looks like, it’s another thing to make a portrait of who they are.”

Portraiture or Portrait Photography is not only capturing a person’s face. It’s much more than that. It is an artistic and innovative way of showcasing a person’s personality and attitude. This clearly means that a portrait photographer has a huge responsibility on his shoulders. To bring out a person’s attitude and mood through a photograph is a big deal. It basically defines the person without the use of any words. This photography style is all about the person’s face. The photographer’s ultimate goal is to carefully decide on how to take the photograph in order to get the most dynamic but raw angles of the person’s features. Usually, portraits consist of a blurred background with the main focus being on the person. You truly need to connect with your subject in order to excel at this style of photography.

3. Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography is about capturing an image that embodies and encompasses the true feeling of the outdoors. It carries the feeling of actually being present there at that moment. A good landscape photographer captures moments which make the audience feel like they were actually there. It makes them feel the same emotions that he/she felt while capturing the incredible moment. Landscape photography takes a great amount of patience and perseverance. You can’t get beautiful scenery in front of you whenever you wish. You need to walk even a thousand miles just to get that one shot you’ve been thinking of. You need to be extremely dedicated and motivated to be a landscape photographer. If you do get into this photography styles, I guarantee you will have some of the best memories to share with the world.

4. Event Photography

Event Photography includes a whole lot of styles under it. Event Photography might sound boring, but it is honestly one of the best jobs to have in the field of photography. Events may include weddings, concerts, galas, dinners, corporate events, etc. Being an event photographer requires a great deal of patience and time. Events can last from a whole morning to the entire day, you never know. So, it demands a lot of your time and energy as well. You must be ready to accept the client’s demands and schedules. These days, wedding photography has been becoming immensely popular. The competition is very cut-throat. Building a solid reputation is very important. Few of the famous wedding photographers from South India are Joseph Radhik, Amar Ramesh, Nikhil Shastri, etc.

5. Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photographers produce photographs of animals and plants in their natural environment. Even wildlife photography requires a lot of patience and calmness. You may not always get the shot you want at that moment but that shouldn’t leave you disappointed. It’s all about trial and error. You cannot alter nature to be the way you want it to be. So, nature plays the cards over here. Wildlife photographers require a good amount of knowledge when it comes to usage of technical equipment. It’s also being in the right place at the right time to create the right photograph.

6. Sports Photography

Sports photography refers to the genre of photography that involves the process of taking pictures of all kinds of sports. Dedicated sports photographers usually work with newspapers, magazines, etc. It is very critical to be quick while capturing motion. This is very important in sports photography. You need to be attentive and need to have quick reflexes in order to capture the best shots.

7. Street Photography

Street Photography may be known as candid photography. Even though it’s not exactly ‘candid’ photography, most photographs taken in this style of photography are usually candid and not posed. Street photography requires a lot of attention to detail and observation skills. You always need to be on the lookout to get the best images. The concept of composition is key when it comes to street photography. Having said that, this style of photography doesn’t require much thought or precision. You can trust your instinct and capture moments that may mean something to you.

8. Black and White Photography

Black and White photography may seem like a very easy job but in reality, it’s quite difficult to perfect. You need years of practice to achieve perfection in this style. Black and white photography brings out the raw features of a person or a place. The composition is really important while taking a picture in black and white. Contrast and tones should be kept in mind while taking photographs. The intricate details of a photograph are shown clearly in this style of photography.

9. Travel Photography

Travel photography is one of the most explored styles of photography in recent times. People from across all ages and from all countries have tried their hand at travel photography. Travel photography allows the photographer to capture and document the various cultures, people, and experiences from various places across the world. Travel photography allows us to see the unique features of each place in this world. The different traditions, different food and different personalities can be captured in this photography style. You need to be an explorer in order to excel at this. You need to get out and get lost to truly take in the experiences of the places you visit. And obviously, don’t forget to take your camera wherever you go!

10. Food Photography

The main thing to remember while photographing food is the positioning and arrangement of the food. The lighting plays a vital role as well. Do not clutter the photograph with too many distractions around the main dish. Keep it simple. The way you style the background also plays an important part in the final outcome of the photograph. Making sure the food looks appetising and vibrant is the key to getting a good picture. In the end, you just want it to appeal to your eyes and should make you want to eat it instantly.

Even though I've mentioned only 10 basic types of photography, there are a huge number of photography styles out there for us to learn, explore and understand. Pick up your phone/camera and get out there to explore the beautiful art of photography!