Some tips for a beginner photographer on how to take a better photo and to learn through inspirational quotes. Read this helpful article to guide kids with photography.

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.” - Marc Riboud.

Nowadays, every person is a photographer, to be honest. The power of owning and operating a smartphone lets every one of us take pictures, wherever we go. As a result, we are all “photographers”.

But to tell you the truth, as a photography enthusiast myself, it is a bit saddening to see people forget the importance and value of a handheld camera such as a DSLR. Back then, the only proper photographs people used to take were with heavy duty cameras. Fast forward to the present, we tend to pick “portrait mode” on iPhones rather than a DSLR with much more high-resolution portraits.

Having said that, it’s very fulfilling to see many young kids trying to learn the art of photography. Photography as an art form has become very popular in the recent days. Instagram has become a common platform to share your creativity and your original work.

There are quite a lot of tips out there on the internet to help out beginner photographers. But, following are 8 tips for a beginner photographer coming from a person who has had quite a lot of hit and misses in this field. I am a beginner photographer myself and would love to help and guide everyone giving it a shot.

  1. Don’t stress.

My number one tip would be to be calm and don’t worry too much about the pictures. I, myself was really nervous at the start. Using a camera and dealing with technical equipment can be really intimidating, but don’t let that stress you out. The best thing to do is be calm and try understanding the camera before using it. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you never clear your doubts, you will always remain confused. Also, don’t put too much pressure on yourself about getting the “perfect” picture. Trust me, even if the first few tries are not up to the mark, you will get there slowly but surely.

2. Experiment.

We often get scared to get out of our comfort zones to try new things. Experimenting with your ideas can be really daunting. Especially for a beginner. But without experimenting in the field of photography, you won’t really develop your skills. Get out of your house. Try those wacky new ideas in your mind. You never know, you might actually end up clicking your best photograph. You won’t lose anything in the process, I promise.

3. Take your camera everywhere.

When I say take your camera everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE! If you’re just going out with a few friends to a cafe, take your camera along with you. A long walk around your neighborhood? Take your camera. Trust me, you will realize how much it actually helps. Sometimes, there are situations where you really want to capture some moments but don’t have your camera. I’ve been there and done that. Taking your camera everywhere you go will not only help you document every moment but also help you explore your own ideas.

4. You don't need “EQUIPMENT” to be a great photographer.

“When people ask me what equipment I use – I tell them my eyes.”

As I mentioned before, the trend of ‘phone photography’ has become immensely popular over the last few years. It’s so much more convenient to carry your phone to take pictures. Truth be told, you don’t necessarily need heavy camera equipment to excel at photography. You don’t need to be a tech enthusiast to be amazing at photography. There are several options which are included in most smartphones nowadays. Make sure you explore every aspect of your camera and thoroughly understand every feature to really make the most of it.

Photo By Bavana Gone

5. Learn the basics.

This is very essential for a beginner in any field. Learning the basics will help you understand and grasp the concepts much faster. It will give you a strong foundation as well. By basics, I mean the lighting in your picture, the basic controls, and modes on your camera, and also the correct way to click a picture. There is one concept known as the “Rule of Thirds”, which is pretty important while taking a picture. If you understand this simple topic, everything else will become easy to understand.

6. YouTube is your best teacher.

Many a time, I see people invest thousands of rupees in photography classes. In reality, there are So many online classes and crash courses you can watch to easily learn the art of photography. I agree that physical learning of photography would help to shape the idea better but honestly if you are just looking to learn the very basics, YouTube is your best teacher. The rise of digital technology has made everything readily available to us. Thousands of videos are up online to guide us and literally teach us this art form. There are also DIY tips to make your photos very creative and appealing. Once you watch the videos, make sure you practice and implement the concepts explained.

7. Perspective.

As mentioned before, there is nothing called as a PERFECT picture. Everyone has a different perspective when they see a picture. It’s a very subjective area to judge. Some people may find your pictures dull or they may not be able to connect to it. That does not mean it’s a bad picture. It simply means that their perspective does not match yours and that is completely OK. There have been many instances where my friend did not connect to my pictures but I completely loved my concept behind it. In the beginning, I thought I was doing something wrong but I eventually learned that we all look at things differently and that is totally normal. So, don’t stress!

8. Look for inspiration.

We are often left uninspired and unmotivated in certain situations. We start to convince ourselves that maybe photography isn’t really our thing and we should just give up. In those times, you need to remind yourself that there is the inspiration all around us! Literally all around us. Social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have so many talented people and a lot of inspirational quotes! Looking at their work will help you gain some inspiration and motivation to take photographs. Other than that, going on a stroll will allow you to find new locations and will leave you feeling 100% motivated. I guarantee you!

I hope you found this article helpful. I’ve personally learned a lot about photography while actually practicing the art form. The key is to have fun while doing it and just don’t worry too much about the little things. You will get there eventually.

Just keep trying!