Procrastination means postponing actions. We all know how to procrastinate in one way or another. Time flies but not the work. Let us beat the habit of procrastination and be productive by following simple steps.

Procrastinating is an ever ending habit, if not controlled and take actions consciously. You literally reached this page, in search of a solution to solve the problem. Give a pat to yourself. This is the first step in breaking the cycles to procrastinate. Yes. You observed that you are postponing things to be done. This is a good sign because you can easily identify the cause of this problem.

Procrastination is a common feeling that makes us stop doing certain things. It may be from cleaning your messy cupboard to updating your outdated resume for applying for jobs.

Initially, let us decode the reasons for procrastination.

Reasons to procrastinate

We often come up with reasons like feeling bored, feeling busy in some other work, feeling stressed, feeling inexperienced and so on. But in reality, it is nothing but the comfort zone in which your activities wish to revolve.

  • Getting out of Comfort zone - It is the most simple one but ends in dragging us from doing things. Yes, it might seem like a big thing before you do something new. But it is completely normal. For Example, you plan to wake up early and go for a morning walk or jog. When the alarm rings, your mind makes you smash that snooze button. Once the comforts of draping under the carpet get killed, you would have made a few lapses that day.
  • Lacking lucidness - Have you been in a situation, where you get committed to a work, with greater enthusiasm, but cannot maintain the excitement till the end. You often think of giving up even in the middle. This is due to the lack of clarity about the work to be done.
  • Lack of appraisal - It may be the personal work or professional work. We perform well only a certain recognition is given. If not, the quality of work you do will not get the expected results. It makes you procrastinate because you are not going to lose anything.
  • Fear to do it - You may not be aware of this fact, but deep inside a small fear about doing it can be one of the reasons for procrastinating. For example, you might have chosen a topic to write a thesis on. But you have no idea about the topic and you have to research on it before starting. This feeling can make you afraid and you do all other to work except starting the thesis.
  • Overconfidence - Sometimes we overestimate ourselves to be superior and we would procrastinate to work say, you need to study for the semester exam. There would be enough study holidays given before the exam. But the majority, end up studying only the day before the exam.
Your life is taking place right now: Don’t let procrastination gain control of your life. Be courageous and take risks. Your life is right now.

7 tactics by which you can end procrastination

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Procrastination is nothing but the habit we created. Anything we create can be changed. Here are the seven tips to end procrastination

  • Taking baby steps - Do not bulk up the work till the last day. Start today by initiating an action. If you need to write the thesis, just start writing the topic name, date and time today. These small steps taken consistently becomes a habit and you will end up more engaged in that work without procrastination.
  • Setting goals - It is the most crucial step, even in life. Without a goal, you cannot lead a prosperous life. Likewise, set time or date, within which you should get the task completed. This step is where you need to include gratification. Appraise yourself by giving small gifts, once you complete the task within the prescribed time. As a social animal, we have the tendency to work for a pay. Assure yourself, if I complete this work, I’ll get an Ice-Cream.
  • Setting mood - It is necessary to de-clutter things both physically and mentally to do new actions. Even your mobile asks you to clean up the memory storage often. Create a perfect work space, so that your mind excites and compels you to sit and start the work. Have a coffee mug beside you and have a small green plant on your desk. These things create vibes that push you to work.
  • Music while working - Music is a good thing to have a prolonged focus. Listen to mild music, while working and you could see how your productivity gets increased. It has an amazing power to put you in the zone. It has an astounding effect to beat procrastination and distraction.
  • Journaling - The top business magnets have this powerful habit of journaling their schedule. A Journal is followed to do certain tasks on that particular day. If you start journaling, you could feel that you are in control of your life. To end procrastination habit, start journaling in the morning on what tasks to be done and at night by checking off the completed tasks. This practice makes you be productive every day.
  • Meditate - As I said earlier, de-cluttering and erasing unwanted things from your mind is very important. Meditate in deep silence for at least twenty minutes before you start your work. This makes you focus on the task that is in front.
  • Visualization - When you become aware of procrastination, shift that thought by thinking of the result you would get if the work gets completed. For Example, if you wish to work-out and you are procrastinating to go to the gym, think of yourselves being fit and good-looking. This power of visualization can have dramatic results in your work.
  • Vision Boards -  Mount a Vision board at the top of your desk. The vision board should consist of your inspirations, travel goals, fitness goals, everything you wish to do in your life. A vision board must be designed in such a way that, when you see this board often, you should stop the thought of procrastinating and get to work immediately.
There is no day in a week like someday - Janet Dailey

This day, this hour, this minute and this second is not going to happen in the future. Life is ticking very fast.

Let us make use of every minute in an efficient way to be happy and prosperous.