Intern Duties & FAQs


  • Do Follow on:
  • Do Follow on:
  • Do Follow on:
  • Do Follow on:
  • Don't neglect the above points. :/
  • If not, install Tez (Google Pay App) using FusionGiant link on mobile (fusion promo code: p04Q2)
  • Be active on slack. Slack is available on phones also.
  • Update your profile pic both on Slack and FusionGiant portal
  • Once Published, Share your articles on social media, Facebook Pages and twitter and tag @FusionGiant in it. Promote your article.
  • You are the owner of your content and member of this organization, so ask your friends to follow & like FusionGiant page on facebook.
  • Read the content writing Guidelines and ask before start writing the article.


Q. Where to login the site to write an article?

A: Goto

Q. How many articles I have to complete in a month?

A:  There is no limit on writing the articles but it should meet the guidelines Minimum article published should be 8 to get the Experience Certificate.

Q. Will I get any certificate ?

A: Yes, offer letter will be provided to you. To get the Experience certificate, minimum article published should be 8.

Q. What other benefits do I get?

A: Your articles will be published on under your name. You get a online platform and a page as your Author Page. In the process of writing, you will learn basics of SEO and why it is important. You will be also getting some benefits in the future when the site starts getting good amount of traffic.

Q. how will you pay for my article?

A: Primary: Install Tez (GooglePay) using fusionGiant link on mobile (fusion promo code: p04Q2)