Guide to write a SEO optimized article

The article that you write should be SEO optimised so that it visible in Google Search results and the article should not be published anywhere else. It is important to get traffic to the content that you write, as audience is important for your content. It is of no use if nobody read what you have written. So, write an interesting content that gets attention. Write, polish, publish and Share your article.

First go through this:

Steps to write:

Use the tool :


  • Choose any trending/interesting topic that you want or use Google Trends/ any other source
  • Goto Google Trends:  
  • select country as US, Canada, India etc or any other country that you prefer

Example :

After deciding the topic or the keyword:

In Technology: cryptocurrency, AI, deep-learning, blockchain, bitcoin, cloud computing, deep learning, assisted reality and virtual reality, DevOps, IoT, Data Science, BigData, Cloud Computing

  • The next page will appear giving the analysis
  • Just go through all the analysis both SERP and keyword mainly and others to take idea what the people are searching
  • In the Keyword Suggestion: Click on > See all suggestions.
  • In the next page, Sort them by monthly volume greater than 1K
  • Take the 5-10 keywords as given after sorting:
Keyword monthly volume
Machine Learning 30.3k-70.8k
Big data 11.5k-30.3k
data science 11.5k-30.3k
data mining 11.5k-30.3k
hadoop 11.5k-30.3k
business intelligence 6.5k-9.3k
data analysis 1.7k-2.9k
  • Use them in your article and proceed with the guidelines as you have already read.
  • Create a initial draft somewhere online like on Google Doc (create an edit share permission) in this Excel Sheet
  • Length of the article : around 1200 -1600 words
  • Remove all language mistakes using
  • Copy that article on the online portal (if not invited, message me on slack).
  • Polish the article, use formatting, bullet points where needed, insert 1-2 quotes, 2-3 images, conclusion where needed.
  • Go through this:
  • Insert images using Unsplash in the online portal and always give the alt (alternate text to image)
  • preview blogpost after you have completed and rectify anything if required.
  • Don't plagiarism. Quality and original content matters. check here to check: and content should be 100% unique
  • Get an overview of all the articles present online at and link them wherever possible.
  • Completion of writing an article includes:

    Giving the title of 5-6 words and write a description of 160 words

SEO score should be greater than 60, make changes if the score is less.

All the best. Write an article that is worth reading. :)

Some articles already present in the site are:

So, in order to refer them in your article, you can select the text where you want to create the link and click on the chain icon or press Ctrl+K and write the link address.

Example: You can read further about ranking in SEO here

Instruction 1: Select the text and press Ctrl+k or click on chain icon

Instruction 2: Write the link address in the box

So, in the text box you can write the link as:


instead of