Impact of changing lifestyle on health can be due to the environment you are in. Proper nutrition and a good mental well being can lead to healthy living. One’s health is determined by their lifestyle.

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”

What's a Lifestyle?

Lifestyle’ includes the behaviour and activities that make up your daily life. The work you do, your diet, your interaction with family and friends, your work schedule, and even your leisure activities make up a lifestyle.

Many people don’t realise the massive impact that their lifestyle has on their health. Often, people indulge themselves in an immense amount of work without noticing the effect on their physical and even their mental health. We very often ignore the small things we could do that can really change our well-being. Even the person with the busiest schedule can make some time for stretching, physical activity and relaxing.

According to research done by WHO, 60% of related factors to individual health and quality of life are correlated to lifestyle. Millions of people follow a very unhealthy lifestyle which takes a great toll on their health. The root cause of problems like obesity and heart disease is an unhealthy lifestyle.

The best way to improve your lifestyle is by changing your food habits and indulging yourself in regular physical activities. The change does not have to be drastic but must be done in a gradual manner. Switch off your phones and get out into the real world. Explore your city or even your neighbourhood. Interact with people face-to-face instead of sending them a text. All these minor changes in your lifestyle have a major impact on our health.

We don’t usually consider nutrition as a big factor that affects our wellness and lifestyle. In reality, food choices and eating habits are the biggest changes you can make to attain a healthy lifestyle. It will not only help you in looking after your health but also help you think of weight management.  

In recent times, huge changes have occurred in the lifestyles of people all over the world. People are spending more time in the gym than in cafes and restaurants. This, in turn, makes them more active and healthier, both physically and mentally. The recent emergence of social media has made people conscious about their fitness and well-being. Healthier options in terms of food are being taken over greasy fast food and soda. People are also trying to get into shape because of the immense amount of stress in our society.

Smoking and consumption of alcohol can prove very dangerous to your health. Both physical and mental. In recent times, it has become a "cool" thing to indulge in. In reality, it isn't cool at all. Smoking cigarettes is literally like knocking on the doors of death. You are comfortably taking yourself to the end of life. Why die early when you have so much to look forward to? Along with smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages on a daily basis takes a considerable toll on your health. The effects of smoking and drinking go hand in hand. It's ultimately your choice as to what to do.

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”

We usually tend to sit in one room or one place and work throughout the day. And as the day goes by, we feel lazier and lazier. What most people don’t realise is that the environment we are in tends to affect us quite a lot. A change in environment can actually affect our productivity and concentration. In a general sense, being in the right environment and exposing yourself to the right social influences can really improve your mental health.

In a country like India, mental health and lifestyle aren't considered as important as physical well-being. Due to this, many people don't focus on working on their mental health and well-being. In recent times, there has been a great progress in the thinking of the Indian society. More stress is being put on the importance of changing lifestyle according to your mental health.

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.”

It does matter that which type of diet we are opting because we will get that particular nutrient and in some amount through different sources that we eat. Read more about it here, Effects of Poor Diet on our Lifespan?

Another essential thing we usually forget is to think positive thoughts. This can affect your lifestyle completely. Smiling throughout the day, giving out positive vibes to the people around you, being calm in stressful situations, all add greatly to your mental lifestyle.

  • Drinking enough water every single day and consuming nutrient-rich foods while balancing the carbs, proteins, fats, etc in your body will show a great improvement in your health.
  • Eating fruits and vegetables regularly will also help improve your health.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is to NEVER skip meals. Due to the busy lifestyles we lead in this generation, we often tend to ignore the importance of a certain meal. Skipping any meal, especially breakfast in the morning, can take a great toll on your health.
  • Make sure you follow a certain routine when it comes to eating food. Talking about routines, waking up and sleeping at the right time can help you live a healthy lifestyle. Following a routine every night and morning will help your body as well as brain to adjust to certain times. If you have at least 8 hours of sleep every day, it will allow you to be fresh and energetic the next morning.
  • Try your best to avoid caffeine and alcohol. These liquids can be very addictive that can eventually lead to disturbance in sleep and lack of focus. On days caffeine is not available to you, you may go completely crazy and be unable to concentrate as your body and mind are so used to the consumption of caffeine.

Taking a break in between work hours, spending some time alone, catching up with friends and family, really does change a lot in terms of our health. They may seem like trivial things but eventually change a lot in our life, especially health-wise.

To maintain emotional health, positive thoughts are must. Mental illness is due to the presence of negative aura around you, avoid negativity take an optimistic approach to deal with the situation and maintain your emotional health in a good way. Read More here, Ways to maintain Good Emotional Health

They remove the stress and make life seem much simpler and smoother, which is what all of us are working towards.

What are your thoughts?