Following Ketogenic diet plan is the fastest way to lose weight among the various other methods present online. Obesity has taken over many lives. Here is some information regarding Ketodiet for beginners, keto flu and keto weight loss methods.

Obesity has become a common disease for a decade and still booming. Lack of physical activity, eating packaged and processed foods, changes in lifestyle and heredity are the common factors of obesity. In the United States, there are many people, who are overweight. It becomes an epidemic and leads to other diseases like stroke, coronary heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that, by 2020, about ¾  of the American population would be overweight or obese. It is necessary to follow a certain diet, to escape from this disease. One of the most popular, that is booming the world today is KETO DIET.

To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an act

Normally our body can be functioned by two types of fuel. The first type of fuel, which the majority of the human population following is Sugar. This is the main reason for weight consumption. The other fuel by which our human body runs is by burning fats. A keto diet does this job. Just imagine, if you are completely avoiding sugary foods, the body becomes unavailable of glucose, to produce energy. So the body searches for an alternative to burn something and produce energy.

Now, it converts the fat present in the liver and converts it into energy molecules Ketones. This ketones act as the fuel to the brain and makes us involved in activity 2x better. A ketogenic diet is nothing in which THE CALORIES BURNT IS GREATER THAN THE CALORIES CONSUMED. It knows how your body is feeling and how to use energy, by a state called ketosis.


Ketone bodies namely Acetoacetate and 3-Hydroxybutyrate are used by the body, which was generated by the breakdown of body fat triglycerides. If we have a normal diet, it contains glucose, which is in turn used for generating energy. The body uses stored glucose called Glycogen.

In Keto diet, the intake of carbohydrates is reduced and so the amount of glucose is also reduced. After completely using Glycogen, the liver starts converting fats into fatty acids and Acetyl CoA is produced, which in turn generates energy for the body. The Oxaloacetate in the liver cannot produce glucose. So, it gets converted into Acetoacetate and Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, which are commonly known as ketone bodies.

These are sent to the stream of blood. The body cells absorb these ketone bodies and convert it into Acetyl CoA, and thus energy is produced by the Krebs cycle. Comparing to glucose, ketone bodies is said to give us more energy. What gets implied from the above fact is, your body functions well without carbohydrates.

Beginner’s Keto Diet

An outstanding thing about following the Ketogenic diet is, it is not a temporary fix. If followed regularly, it provides long-term health benefits. Anyone can follow this diet, but it is difficult for vegetarians. Because the necessary amount of fats should be taken consistently, which is found abundant only in Non-Vegetarian food items.

A Keto diet comprises Low-carbohydrate and Gluten-free. It is similar to the Paleo diet and the traditional Atkins diet. The carbohydrate enriched foods like sugar, rice, pasta, bread, processed and canned foods are strictly prohibited. The food items containing fats like meat, fish, eggs, green leafy vegetables and natural fats like butter are normally taken.

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Protein shakes can be taken as an alternative to morning coffee and as an after workout drink. Seafood can be taken as dinner and red meat are the most sorted Keto diet as it is rich in fats. Oils contain fats, but it is not recommended to take a lot. Avoid greasy foods and add them in little amounts on your dish. You cannot completely avoid carbohydrates. A few grams say, 20 grams from green leafy vegetables can be taken. Because you eat all the meat and flesh rich in proteins and get easily constipated. Such types of high protein and fat diet may lead to certain health issues. So, make sure you are regularly hydrated.

Keto Flu

It is a known fact that through Glycolysis, Glucose from Glycogen produces energy and the level of such energy remains in the body. But in the Ketogenic diet, only the available fats in the body gets converted into ketones. So, the body is said to become devoid of energy and energy is drained to an extent, in the initial days of this diet. This consequence is called Keto Flu. It is completely normal because your body has accustomed to a certain diet pattern and you are trying something new. This Keto Flu lasts only from 5 to 7 days and you will never get this flu again. The symptoms of Keto Flu include coughing, fatigue, headache, nausea, and extreme tiredness.

When you start eating nutritious food without labels, you need not count calories any more ~ Amanda Kraft

Common mistakes

The most common mistakes, one usually do while following this diet include:

  • Not getting necessary fat : We would neglect those eggs, bacon, avocados before due to its high-fat content. But mentally, you should prepare to get all this, for following the diet.
  • Low on Electrolytes : Our body functions by means of electrolytes like Sodium, magnesium, and Potassium.  The Insulin on the body stores Sodium and if insulin drops, all Sodium would literally come out through urine. So Intake of Sodium by taking salty snacks is necessary. Similarly, Green leafy vegetables and avocado contains Potassium. Magnesium is most necessary components for chemical reactions in our body. It can be added to our diet through supplements.
  • High intake of protein : Taking a high amount of protein can cause GLUCONEOGENESIS. It can cause certain problems and constipation. One must remember DECREASING PROTEIN CONTENT AND INCREASING FAT CONTENT.
  • Not being patient : It might be difficult to come out of comfort zone and entirely switching the food habit. There might be difficult times like Keto Flu. But if one is patient enough to handle these hurdles and being consistent, the final results would be amazing.
  • Hidden carbohydrates : Avoid taking processed foods as it contains hidden carbohydrates. It is advised to read food labels and look at the ingredients list, before taking it.

With all the above things, a Ketogenic diet also helps in reducing the hungriness and food cravings. The most common fact for eating much food is due to hungriness. But the keto diet reduces this quality and make you eat even lesser.

The body seems to function normally with a happy stomach, higher physical endurance, normalizing blood pressure and many other benefits. You can achieve fitness both  physically and mentally. It is necessary to continue the process, as the exercise we do every day to see the results.

Remember, consistency is the key.