Sexual harassment occurs irrespective of places. #MeToo movement prevails today and many revealed their workplace harassment experiences in MeToo website.

The two words, that made many women feel stronger. The two words seemed to be their voice. The two words that made them feel like a fighter, rather than a survivor. The words #MeToo is the answer of many people all around the world. The #MeToo movement was started way back in 2006, but came to limelight in Social Media, when actress Alyssa Milano tweeted about the same. The tweet went viral and many people around the world, especially women, disclosed their sexual abuse experiences through social media, quoting 'Me Too' preceded by a hashtag. These two words are being responded by millions of women around the globe, who identifies themselves as survivors of sexual harassment.

MeToo movement

It all started in 2006, when Tarana Burke, thought to support sexual violence survivors. She started a website, in which many assaulted women joined the community and benefited by the resources. She founded MeToo for most of the dark skinned girls and women in the United States, on whom the assaults are maximum. But, still today irrespective of creed and what country they belong to, millions of people are participating in this movement. It also supports grown people, men, women and other survivors. It involves supporting people from the same community, the community formed by the people who got harassed. It is like survivors, supporting other survivors and helping the community. They cannot overcome the hurt but can be provided with resources, that would heal them. After this movement, many people came to know about laws and policies, that would bring them a change and support them.

As the #MeToo movement completed a year on Monday, here area unit some unknown and attention-grabbing facts regarding the campaign that has unfold worldwide. Apparently, the seeds of the campaign were sowed in 2006 by associate activist. The movement has currently been creating waves in Bharat, with initial explosion within the diversion and news industries.

8 Interesting things to know about MeToo movement:

  1. Tarana Burke is that the real face of the #MeToo campaign. associate African-American civil rights activist, Burke started the campaign approach back in 2006. Burke originally coined the term "me too" whereas rebuke a lady United Nations agency disclosed that her mother's adult male had been sexually abusing her. To sympathize along with her and different victims of abuse, she said, "You're not alone. This happened to Pine Tree State too." Burke then fenced in the story regarding the lady. scan the story here.
  2. MeToo became a worldwide development on fifteen Oct 2017 with this one tweet of Hollywood histrion Alyssa Milano United Nations agency requested victims of the sex crime to talk out.

Milano's tweet came ten days when The NY Times printed a sensational report that leveled serious charges of sexual misconduct against famed Hollywood producer doctor Weinstein. Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey won the 2017 Joseph Pulitzer Prize for this report. Soon, girls from across the planet started sharing their experiences on social media with MeToo hashtag.

3.  In keeping with church bench analysis, till Gregorian calendar month thirty this year, the #MeToo hashtag was already used over nineteen million times on Twitter in mere English language, that involves a mean of fifty-five,319 per day. The single-largest variety of mention was on Gregorian calendar month nine, once Leslie Moonves, chairman and chief government of CBS, resigned amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

4.  The church bench analysis over that principally 2 styles of #MeToo interactions existed. the primarily concerned celebrities or the show business, and therefore the second was personal stories. place along, twenty-nine percent of all interactions on #MeToo were either regarding show business or personal sagas. regarding seventy-one percent of #MeToo tweets were in the English language.

5.  Google has created a passionate website, MeTooRising, on search trends on MeToo across the planet. It shows cities wherever the campaign trended on totally different dates beside current results -- and Bharat is shining brightly without delay (see the icon above). in keeping with Google, MeToo has been searched altogether the 195 countries within the world inside the past one year.

6.  In India, MeToo campaign started finding out around seven Oct once actor Tanushree Dutta created serious allegations against Nana Patekar narration her experiences throughout the shoot of the film, Horn OK Please, ten years past. Since then, the conflict has engulfed several famed and necessary personalities, together with Union minister MJ Akbar against whom eleven girls have leveled allegations.

7.  MeToo continues to be among the foremost searched terms on Google in Bharat. On Sunday (October 14), of the highest ten searches in Bharat, four were associated with allegations of sexual misconduct and MeToo. Searches enclosed Vinod Dua, Kate Sharma, MJ Akbar, and Ira Trivedi. On Monday too, author Chetan Bhagat and yoga skilled Ira Trivedi was among high trending.

8.  MeToo movement gained momentum on Twitter and picked au fait Facebook. However, it's additionally one in every of the foremost mentioned topics on Instagram with over fifteen large integer posts.

How #MeToo took off?

"We must send a message across the world that there is no disrepute in being a remnant of sexual violence – the shame is on the assaulter"

‌It became a movement when the actress Alyssa Milano tweeted on 15th October 2017 and encouraged another woman to bring the issue into the light. She tweeted others to post MeToo if anyone got sexually harassed. The tweet was quickly responded to MeToo by many other Twitter users and it became a breaking news. It was followed by many other celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, pop star Lady Gaga and Will & Grace fame Debra Messing also tweeted the same.

MeToo in India

The #MeToo has spread quickly and went viral in India. Many teens, women, and celebrities started posting #MeToo and it was related to gang rape violence in 2012 at Delhi. Celebrities like Konkona Sen Sharma, Radhika Apte, and Kangana Ranaut extended their support for sexual harassment experiences in the film industry and take part in the campaign. Not only female celebrities, top Bollywood celebrities like Farhan Akhtar and Ranveer Singh also revealed their casting couch experiences in Bollywood.‌

What change it has brought?

It is the power that should be used to express one’s feelings. The awareness must be created in the public spectrum. It is necessary to speak up and know about the magnitude of the issue people are facing. #MeToo bill was enacted in US Congress and the purpose is to change the existing punishments on sexual harassment complaints. If the bill is passed, then one might not wait for 90 days and able to be punished once a complaint is lodged. Before there were a 90 days cooling off period to the victims.
Time’s Up movement

It shares the same perspective on women empowerment as #MeToo but is slightly different goals.#Time’s Up was started following #MeToo, but its concern was mainly on women facing sexual abuse in their workplace. Their vision is to create every workplace to be fair, to be gender equality and to ensure safety. Every woman in any profession are subjected to sexual violence and it is considered as a good initiative to provide them social justice.

"When a harassment incident is reported, HR almost always starts from a place of cynicism. They ask for proof. But if HR is investigating a sexual persecution case within the company, it is their responsibility as HR to guard their employees. That is the opinion that has to shift"

Men’s perspective on #MeToo

It is not about men and women, it is about human-human relationships. Many men are also supportive of the campaign as they are concerned about their mother, sister, wife, and daughter. As Oprah Winfrey said at Golden Globe awards, there are many loyal and good men are prevailing in this world. Not all men are bad. Many high profile men got caught by MeToo allegations. Though many men were not happy with the start of this campaign. Different men had mixed feelings like happy, torn, anxious, angry and so on. About 38% of men in a survey said that they re-evaluated their past experiences by #MeToo campaign.

MeToo on Children

If you think, the sexual abuse actually starts its work, way back in high schools. You would have abused by your classmates or even by the teacher. It is important to teach every child about Good Touch and Bad Touch. The sexual abuse and rape cases in children are steadily increasing and they are afraid to talk about such encounters to parents. If this has been taught to them from small ages, they would become a wonderful human being respecting fellow genders. Let us make our children in such a way, that they do not need to use such types of hashtags in their adult lives.

"If you see sexual persecution happening, speak up. Being abused is terrible; having spectators pretend they don't notice is boundlessly worse"

Anyone reading this article who had sexual encounters in the past, I would like to say YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You might have chosen not to speak up on the issue, it is your sole right to express your experiences. Every woman in this world are going through this every day on their way home and even in Home too. We are living in a society, where the person doing mistakes will not be judged. We are in a place to disrupt all the existing practices that are allowing sexual abuses to proliferate.

"The power is in you"