The most absurd internet challenges that gone viral ranges from funny challenges like Backpack challenge to the most serious and dangerous challenges like the Blue Whale challenge. In today’s world, the internet has become the most important aspect of our day to day lives.YouTube and Instagram became a platform where videos shot from our houses, would become viral and hit a million views overnight.

If everyone is doing, then it must be cool, right? we have a surging instinct to do and upload it on the internet.

"It has been confirmed by years of clinical research that chemical and behavioral addictions contribute to higher rates of crime, deviance, deception and psychopathology. Whether internet addiction is globally accepted as an addiction or compulsive dependency is a moot point. The question remains is if future societies will experience increased rates of cyber-bullying, cyber-stalking, cyber harassment, cyber crime, online sexual predation , cyber terrorism and pathological online deception due to habitual Information and Communication Technology (ICT) use " ~Michael Nuccitelli , Psy.D.,

There are many reasons for these challenges taken up by individuals. It might be for seeking attention, for some good cause or just for fun. Following are some of the most idiotic and dangerous internet challenges, that made a buzz over the internet.

Photo by Antoine Beauvillain / Unsplash

Funny viral challenges

Some challenges are too funny to watch and it can instantly make us laugh. The topmost funny viral challenges are as follows

Mannequin challenge

Video by Bailey Fisher

It became popular and spread virally on the internet in November 2016. A camera will be made moving inside a room, having a bunch of people. They were supposed to remain motionless like a mannequin. During this recording, the Black Beatles song will be played in the background. Many celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, and many others participated in this challenge.

KiKi challenge

Indian Farmers KiKi challenge by My Village Show Vlogs

It all started on June 30, this year, when the Internet Comedian Shiggy posted a video, by stepping down from a moving car and dancing for the song, “Kiki, do you love me?",  under hashtag #Swiggy Challenge and #Do The Swiggy. The song was originally sung by the Canadian singer Drake in the album ‘ The Scorpion ’. It went viral and videos are posted since today. Many celebrities have participated and the Hollywood actor Will Smith participated by dancing atop a bridge in Budapest and it was recorded by a drone. It got into rural areas even, where a farmer’s bullock cart was used to perform the challenge while cultivating his agricultural land.

Ice Bucket Challenge

Justin Bieber's Instagram post on Ice bucket challenge

It went viral on social media in 2014, in which an individual dumps a bucket of ice water by himself or others. It was started to create awareness about the disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). It is a motor neuron disease and it was again started in 2015, which brought many donations to the affected people.

Diet Coke and Mentos challenge

Video by MrGear

We all have seen, popping out the champagne. A similar thing happens when you drop mentos inside a coke bottle. The pressure will be created, such that dissolved carbon dioxide in carbonated beverages, converts to gaseous carbon dioxide when a mentos is dropped. This causes the air bubbles in the liquid to come out of the container. This was performed during a television demonstration in 2005 and got viral. People started recording and uploading it on the internet, trying this at home, by taking a mentos in his/her mouth and drinking coke.

Rubberband watermelon challenge

This is the only challenge that does not involve humans. It is fun to watch the watermelon exploding. Many numbers of rubber bands are put around the watermelon. More the number of rubber bands, the time to blow the fruit becomes less. Due to the pressure, the fruit gets exploded.

22 Push-ups challenge

Push up challenge by The Rock

Following the Ice-bucket challenge that created awareness for the ALS, a Texas-based organization 22Kill proposed a new challenge called 22 pushups challenge to create awareness suicide committing US Army veterans. Dwayne Johnson, Guardians of the Galaxy fame Chris Pratt and his wife Anna Faris are few among the celebrities, performed this challenge under hashtag #22PushupChallenge.

Running man challenge

Video by SportsVines

In 2016, this challenge became an addictive trend and was followed by most people on the internet. People start shuffling their legs ( like running), by looking at the camera, for 90’s R&B track “My Boo” song. It had a slow start but started spreading viral, when two basketball players Jared Nickens and Jaylen Brantley uploaded their challenge on the internet.

Backpack challenge

Video by Jacob Sartorius

In #Backpack Challenge that started to trend since 2017, the students get separated into two parallel groups, facing each other with their backpacks. Another student-run in the middle and these students standing in parallel line threw their backpacks at the running student in the middle. Many high school students uploaded their own versions in a funnier way.

Grey sweatpants challenge

Grey Sweatpants challenge by Treyonce

Twitter took off with this grey sweatpants challenge in 2016, in which users uploaded their own pictures, stuffing their grey pants, with bizarre things. A woman stuffed her child inside her pants like a kangaroo pouch and posted a picture, that went viral among these challenges.

The No hands selfie challenge

Video by SourceFed

A student from North Carolina, Seth Schneider uploaded a post of a picture in which she successfully high-fived with herself and recording it on the phone. Many others started imitating the same, and it created many funny compilations.


When people get to know that  Donald Trump is going to win the presidential elections in 2016, they started an online challenge called #TrumpIsComing. A person starts to shout TRUMP IS COMING, who is standing among few students gathered in a place. Once she shouts, all others start running and evacuate the place. This funny challenge is viewed as to scream and scare the people standing in a crowd.

Dangerous and Perilous challenges

Photo by Diego Passodori / Unsplash

There are some internet challenges, which are extremely dangerous to health, were popular and trending on Social media. Some of them include Cinnamon challenge, Fire challenge, Vodka eyeballing challenge, and many others as follows

Cinnamon challenge

Video by The Slow Mo Guys

This challenge has its way back since 2001 when it was reported first. It went to a peak in 2010. In this challenge, people posted a video by swallowing a full teaspoon of cinnamon. As it is in powdered form, it absorbs most of the liquid inside a mouth and dries it completely. This, in turn, causes Pharyngeal reflex.  It immediately causes a cough and leads to choking. Doctors also warned of inflammatory lungs and pneumonia.

Fire challenge

Video by SourceFed

Fire challenge is extremely dangerous as the name suggests. A video on this challenge was posted in 2012. A person applies the inflammable liquid on his body and lights it. Most did this challenge in washrooms so that one can take shower and put out the fire. Unfortunately, this leads to the fatality of many lives. An eleven-year-old girl was almost dead.

Vodka Eyeballing challenge

Video by Kobil Shakur

The media went into a frenzied state when this challenge got started. It involves, pouring vodka, directly into eye sockets. Many ophthalmologists, all over the world, condemned this act and even many people found this extremely insane. Vodka is literally alcohol and may even cause permanent damage to the eyes.

Hot water challenge

Video by Shane

This viral and super dangerous challenge started at the start of this year. This challenge is either drinking hot water or asking your friend to pour a bucket of hot water on you. An 8-year-old girl from Florida, died after many months when she did the challenge after her cousin dared to do it.  A 15-year-old girl, Kyland Clark, performed this challenge in July and is hospitalized.

Blue Whale challenge

Video by The Times of India

The game that is not physical and through the internet, made many people die. It originated in Russia and dealt through Social networking sites. This game is mainly targeted at young people. After joining the game, the user had to perform a variety of cruel tasks like, cutting their hands with the blade and finally to end the life of the player. The player becomes a victim and blackmailed emotionally, if not completed the task.However Instagram and other sites came up with certain measures to manage those types of accounts.

The internet is so big, powerful and futile that for some people it is a complete substitute for life. ~ Andrew Brown

Internet became an unofficial element of life. It is like a hanging knife, that it has both pros and cons. It is in our hands, to make use of the internet for increasing knowledge and not to hurt ourselves. These challenges are targeted on younger individuals, as they all in such age, to explore different things. It is our duty to take care of our brothers and sisters.