Saving money is in your hands, make it a constant resolution that you will save money both for long term and short term. Imagine how it would be if you get extra 10 percent of your monthly budget, at the end of every month. Yes, you can get that dress you wanted, yes, you can go on that trip with your friends.

What if you got some great ways to save money? You can do all of those things that you wanted but were unable to do because you were not able to afford. Here, we have got some tips and tricks for you.


Short-term saving can be considered as saving on a daily basis. Start by saving little by little and in the end you have a lot of money that you have saved. It is very important to save money as money saved is money earned.

  • Travel by public transport rather than booking a Cab.
  • Walk down the streets or take a bicycle ride if you have to go to a nearby location.
  • You can give up on a cheese sandwich and have some sprouts for your breakfast. It will help you maintain your health and expenses too.
  • Instead of going to a mall, you can buy groceries from a nearby vendor, it will not only save your money but will be good for that person too.
  • If you have some garden space in your home, you can plant some veggies there, this will be beneficial as you’ll get fresh vegetables and that’s how to save money at home.  
  • In order to save some pennies, you can get your monthly groceries in wholesale rather than shopping from the retail stores in parts.  
  • You can use a saving calculator to calculate the money that you can save in a money like avoiding the luxuries and maintaining the needs.
  • Using the grocery coupons or any other coupons that you get online also helps in saving penny.
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The actual meaning of saving is to spend smartly. Long-term saving can be done by following a strict budget or thinking of some great ideas about how to save money monthly.

Try to limit your expenses up to whatever is mandatory or necessary. Think before buying things that you already have or are in good or working condition, like a new television or fridge or a mobile phone.

You can invest in buying electric based automobiles, they are as efficient as the petrol and diesel based vehicles. They are very effective and different cars and scooters are available now in many varieties. Their initial cost is little high, but the running cost is very less as compared to the petrol and diesel automobiles. This will definitely help you save a lot of money, contribute to saving the environment and will also help in strengthening the country’s economy.

One of the best ways to save your money is to use solar power for electricity supply in your home or office. Solar energy is much more beneficial when used instead of electric or gas water heaters. It is a onetime investment and will help you save a lot of money on long-term basis. And other than this, you will be partly responsible for helping in saving the Mother Nature, as it is pollution free, will save a lot of electricity and make you feel proud of yourself.

Remember how we used to save some money in our piggy-banks when we were small kids. That was a really good habit. You can continue doing this now as well. Make a rule to save 10 rupees or as much you want daily in a box. And you will get a small treasure whenever you are in need.  

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The money that you pay for the gym can be saved if you workout at home, or do some household work instead of separately paying to the servants to do so for you. And you already know that time has changed a lot when the Prime Minister of our country is actively participating in the Clean India Mission, so why can’t we? We can simply support this mission by keeping our homes and surroundings clean by ourselves, the racism should not be there. This will not only save your money but will also help you to stay fit and increase your capacity of working.

Have you ever thought how much damage your skin gets when you use those costly cosmetics that you buy every month? Instead of them, if you use natural products like aloe vera, turmeric, fuller earth etc, they will not only give a lot of advantages to your skin but will also help you save a lot of money that you spend on those detrimental cosmetics.

One more thing that will help saving money is you can get second-hand books rather than purchasing new books. You can easily get old books that are in good condition for cheap, and this will make your little contribution in saving the environment too.

These are some, but there are many different ways to save your money depending on person to person and their requirements and needs. It is not compulsory or not even required unless you are extremely rich, but saving money should be a habit as it is advantageous for you. So think twice and spend your money smartly.

Conclusion: Saving money is in your hands, make it a constant resolution that you will save money both for long term and short term. Spending money only where required and avoiding the lavish expenses also helps. Money saved is money earned, make smart investment and have a happy life.