The use of social media is a common social phenomenon. Social media platforms such as Tumblr, GooglePlus, and Pinterest help this social phenomenon to grow.

We have around 6.7 billion people in this world. Out of the 6.7 billion, approximately 901 million people are on Facebook, 555 million are on Twitter, and close to 12 million are on Pinterest. These statistics show the extreme use of social media in today’s world. This is the Social Phenomenon.

So, what exactly is a social phenomenon?

A social phenomenon refers to a pattern of social behaviour in which a large group of people participates collectively. We, as humans completely depend on social media for the proper functioning of our lives. From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed, we are constantly checking our phones and ensuring that we are up to date with everything happening in the social sphere.

“We’re living at a time when attention is the new currency. Those who insert themselves into as many channels as possible look set to capture the most value. ” - Pete Cashmore

A throwback to a decade ago, social media wasn’t really the main forum to depend on. But as the years passed by, the impact of social media spread over the entire human race. Social media has become our primary option to communicate. Personal interactions and conversations are barely even seen nowadays. No emotional connections are being made among us by the way of face-to-face communication.

Personally, I believe that humanity has gone on a path devoid of interpersonal interactions. The option to say anything to anyone in the world just through an online platform is quite a fascinating thing if you think about it. Applications like Instagram helps us to portray the perfect image of ourselves even if most of it isn’t actually ‘real.’

Talking and sharing things online is a lot more convenient for people than to actually make the effort to meet him/her. It’s very funny to see people get convinced by a cheesy Tumblr quote over their friend’s advice. One of the most popular social media platform back in the day was Myspace. Now, social media platforms are dominated by Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, google plus to name a few.

I’ve noticed something very peculiar about us humans. When we see a beautiful view in front of us, instead of enjoying that moment, we pull out our smartphones and take pictures of it to post online. Then we sit and wait for all the likes and comments on our pictures. Strange isn’t it?

Social media plays a great role in today’s relationships. These days, people prefer texting their friends online rather than meeting them in person. Binge-watching online TV shows is considered as quality time spent together as compared to going out for a nice dinner together. The way we communicate has completely been taken over by all kinds of social media platforms.

In today’s day and age, we convey our opinions through the 280 characters we get on Twitter. Tweeting is more common among us than voicing out our opinions with our actual voice. Getting tagged in a picture for your birthday probably means much more to you than getting an actual call from your loved ones. It really is a sad realization.

“We all make mistakes. But social media can frame those mistakes and display them infinitely.”

To be honest, most people don’t really think about what they’re going to say before posting it online. We don’t realize that once a post is up on social media, it is there forever. Once you make a mistake online, it will be engrained there forever!

Using social media as a platform to communicate has made everything very easy and accessible for us. That’s exactly what we want, don’t we?

  • Hungry and want to get some food without any effort? Order it online!
  • Need to talk to a friend but too lazy to get out of your room? Video chat!
  • Need to book tickets for a movie you really want to watch? Book them online!
  • Need an answer to a question in your mind? Google it!

Everything is right at our fingertips. Literally! Name it and you will get it.

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Nowadays, even homework and assignments are given over email rather than in person. In most organizations, all methods of communication are mainly done through email or other forms of online communication. Even lecturers and tutors are starting online classes for their students to make it easier for them to access the necessary information. The fact that social media makes our lives so much easier and convenient is what appeals to us. As humans, we like everything to be quick and simple. One such example that caters to that need is online shopping. It is such a laidback way of getting your shopping done in no time. This obviously makes our lives so much simpler.

Using social media platforms such as Twitter and Google Plus to communicate and convey our feelings honestly just makes us lonely humans. The lack of human touch and emotions isolate us in our own world. The sad part of this whole concept is that even though we realize that social media has taken over our lives, we don’t seem to stop it.

Another important downfall of using social media to communicate is misunderstandings. Typing out your feelings isn’t really the best way to express what you’re feeling and there is no guarantee that the person on the other side is interpreting your message the same way as you are.

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We are letting social media control us. We are giving it the power to control how we feel and act. The fact that So many people across the world are basically addicted to it, it becomes a clear huge social phenomenon. We need to start distancing ourselves from this addiction before it gets too late.